Good Morning, Lord!

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Lesson 1

From the FoundationGenesis 1

Only go through one of these a day, or I won’t be able to keep in front of you. The Scripture referenced in the video is linked each day. It’s up to you if you want to read that or not. If you want to do those readings and work on reading through the Bible, then please read it before watching the video to set the scene. Sometimes just a portion of a chapter is linked; that portion is what the teaching is based on.

Lesson 2

In the BeginningGenesis 1

Lesson 3

Adam and EveGenesis 2

Lesson 4

The TemptationGenesis 3

Lesson 5

The FallGenesis 3

Lesson 6

The CurseGenesis 3

Lesson 7

Cain and AbelGenesis 4

Lesson 8

LikenessGenesis 5

Lesson 9

NoahGenesis 6-8

Lesson 10

SeparationGenesis 10

Lesson 11 

Tower of BabelGenesis 11

Lesson 12

AbrahamGenesis 12

Lesson 13

Abram and Sarai in EgyptGenesis 12

Lesson 14

Abraham and Lot SeparateGenesis 13

Lesson 15

MelchizedekGenesis 14

Lesson 16

Counted as RighteousnessGenesis 15

Lesson 17

The Promised LandGenesis 15

Lesson 18

Hagar (Listening to the Voice of Another) – Genesis 16

Lesson 19

The Covenant of CircumcisionGenesis 17

Lesson 20

Sarah Laughs at the PromiseGenesis 18

Lesson 21

The Way of the LordGenesis 18

Lesson 22

OutcryGenesis 18

Lesson 23

Abraham Bargains (God of Justice) – Genesis 18

Lesson 24

Lot is Saved (The Power of Your Prayers) – Genesis 19

Lesson 25

AbimelechGenesis 20

Lesson 26

He LaughsGenesis 21

Lesson 27

Hagar and Ishmael (God’s Salvation Is for Everyone) – Genesis 21

Lesson 28

BlessingGenesis 21

Lesson 29

WorshipGenesis 22

Lesson 30

The Lord Will ProvideGenesis 22

Lesson 31 

Sarah DiesGenesis 23

Lesson 32 

Choosing Rebekah  – Genesis 24

Lesson 33 

Two Nations – Genesis 25

Lesson 34 

Esau Sells His Birthright – Genesis 25

Lesson 35

Written in His BookGenesis 26

Lesson 36

Like His Father Before HimGenesis 26

Lesson 37 

Isaac Blesses His ChildrenGenesis 27

Lesson 38 

With Whom We Join TogetherGenesis 28

Lesson 39 

Jacob’s DreamGenesis 28

Lesson 40

Rachel and LeahGenesis 29