Miracles Happen Every Day

Moses’ mother had a brilliant plan that worked. Was it a miracle? Was it divine intervention? Life is a lot more exciting when you acknowledge that the divine is at work in your everyday life, that God is working in you, through you, and around you, not just in the big wow-can’t-be-explained-any-other-way moments.

Easy Peasy is a miracle. I just made assignments for my children and God turned it into an international business. Did I sit at a computer and type and publish? Yes. Can you technically say how it happened? Yes. Was God the one who made it happen? Yes! I see so many things that came together, and I’m sure there is so much I have no idea about what He did and is doing.

Moses’ mom knew her son was going to be killed, so taking a risk that might get him killed, but might save him, felt worth it. Moses wasn’t set adrift in a basket with prayers of where he’d end up. He was placed where the princess bathed. If she bathed at a regular time, Moses’ mother made sure he was there at the right time of day. The fact that it was her brilliant plan doesn’t mean God didn’t form the plan and plant the ideas in her mind. Moses’ sister was there watching and ready. I wouldn’t be surprised if her mom had coached her to ask about fetching a nursemaid.

Moses was crying. Do babies cry? Of course. Did the fact that he was crying right then help melt her heart and give her pity for the baby? Yes. Is it normal for a woman to be moved by a baby’s cry? Probably, but who knows? God might have been preparing her in other ways. Was she married? Did she have no children of her own?

Just because there can be a natural explanation, does not at all mean that God wasn’t orchestrating, wasn’t at work. We get glimpses in the Bible of how He works. But He’s also infinitely creative. He can do for you more than you can even imagine. Don’t miss the miracles around you every day. Rejoice always and give thanks in all circumstances. You’re likely standing in the middle of a miracle.