Summer Study Options

Climb the Summer Slide First Level

Climb the Summer Slide!

When your child finishes Easy Peasy’s 1st Level, 2nd Level, or 3rd Level, use the Summer Slide books to practice math, reading, and writing before they start their next Level. You can print off individual pages or the whole workbook yourself at home, or you can purchase the workbook. There is a page a day for 40 days. Pick the book for the Level your student just finished. For example, if they just finished 1st Level (or 1st grade), pick the 1st Level book.

Addition Cover

Math Facts Practice

Don’t let your kids forget their facts over the summer! You can print the practice worksheets at home or buy the book. Each book has 60 practice pages.

Online Math Practice

Facts games

Drills up through Pre-Algebra

Additional Summer School Ideas


Character Study

Summer Planning

After 2nd Level

  • Write something every day, anything, just practice writing so it gets faster and easier. You could time yourself and write for five minutes as much as possible. Any day you beat your record of how many letters you wrote, you get a reward.
  • If your handwriting needs work, every day copy at least one sentence. Here are copywork and tracing pages.
  • Read another Bobbsey Twins book.
  • Write a funny or exciting story.
  • Master your addition and subtraction facts. Use flashcards, our workbooks, or make a free account at Use them every day until you finish addition and subtraction. Make sure you know those facts! (Parents: If xtramath isn’t coming easily for your child, you can slow it down. Click on parent/teacher and log in. Choose the child’s tab. Choose Change Program. Choose 6 second addition. When it’s mastered, you can change to subtraction, etc.)
  • Then use the math game page to practice and not forget. Use the level 2 games.

After 3rd Level

After 4th Level

  • Don’t forget those math facts! Still learning? Try our facts practice workbooks. You might want to consider beginning Math 5/6 now. Take a look at the course. It begins with review which would work over the summer. 🙂 Just take it slowly.
  • Do you know how to type?
  • Would you like to learn cursive?
  • Practice your parts of speech with The Big Escape. There are four of these games on the site.
  • Read and write every day, just for fun! Read books that are interesting, easy, fun. Write anything: coded messages, treasure hunt clues, scavenger hunt lists, a letter to the future you, a movie script, a book for your little brother…

After 5th Level

After 8th Level