Good Morning, Lord! Year 3

This is a continuation of Good Morning, Lord!

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My husband reads and edits all of these. All my teachings have his permission to be shared.

I have missionaries and house church leaders telling me how edifying these lessons are. They aren’t just for EP students. Please share them if they are meaningful to you. People comment things like they get something out of every lesson or that lessons are often timely. Those things only happen through the Spirit working. One woman wrote about how good it felt to be growing in her relationship with God again. I hope they spur you onward and upward too. 🙂

These are two-minute Bible teachings that you can listen to or read. They go straight through the Bible. The associated Bible text is linked each day. This is not geared to children. I would say it’s for middle school through adult. I’m not leaving out any Scripture portions, though I am stating things delicately.

You can find these in a playlist on Youtube.

I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give each lesson. These come from a place of weakness, me relying on God to speak and teach us all from His Word. He has led me and taught me for decades, so there is also in here my experience walking with Jesus over these years, but it’s definitely not me trying to impart what I know. It’s me trying to be obedient to what I believe I’m being asked to do.

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Go TO: Genesis – 1 Samuel   2 SAMUEL – Psalms

Lesson 1

Don’t Obey FearProverbs 1

Lesson 2

Treasure UpProverbs 2

Lesson 3

With All Your Heart Proverbs 3

Lesson 4

And LiveProverbs 4

Lesson 5

IntoxicatedProverbs 5

Lesson 6

Things God HatesProverbs 6

Lesson 7

Guard God’s WordProverbs 7

Lesson 8

WisdomProverbs 8

Lesson 9

Be a Wise GuyProverbs 9

Lesson 10

The Blessings of the RighteousProverbs 10

Lesson 11

Righteousness DeliversProverbs 11

Lesson 12

An Excellent WifeProverbs 12

Lesson 13

Listen and LearnProverbs 13

Lesson 14

A Wise Woman Proverbs 14

Lesson 15

The TongueProverbs 15

Lesson 16

The Right WayProverbs 16

Lesson 17

He Tests the HeartProverbs 17

Lesson 18

The Name of the LordProverbs 18

Lesson 19

Wealth and Good SenseProverbs 19

Lesson 20

Known by His ActsProverbs 20

Lesson 21

Turning the HeartProverbs 21

Lesson 22

Favor to Bear His NameProverbs 22 

Lesson 23

Seeking WealthProverbs 23

Lesson 24

The Strength of the WiseProverbs 24

Lesson 25

A Fit WordProverbs 25

Lesson 26

A Lying Fool Proverbs 26

Lesson 27

Boasting Proverbs 27

Lesson 28

Faithful JusticeProverbs 28

Lesson 29

EnsnaredProverbs 29

Lesson 30

DistractionProverbs 30

Lesson 31

The Excellence of FearProverbs 31

Lesson 32

VanityEcclesiastes 1

Lesson 33

Pleasing Self vs. Pleasing God Ecclesiastes 2

Lesson 34

Man’s Appointed TimeEcclesiastes 3

Lesson 35

Truth and LiesEcclesiastes 4

Lesson 36

Draw Near and Find JoyEcclesiastes 5

Lesson 37

Meaningless LifeEcclesiastes 6

Lesson 38

Sadness of Face Makes Glad the HeartEcclesiastes 7

Lesson 39

Radiant WisdomEcclesiastes 8

Lesson 40

In the Hand of GodEcclesiastes 9

***Lessons after this point have not yet been edited.