Guard God’s Word

  1. Keep God’s words. Treasure God’s commands. What does that look like? It’s important to figure out because keeping God’s commands allows us to live and not die. This is a matter of life and death.
  2. To keep means to guard. If we viewed God’s commands, His word, as something to be treasured, as a treasure, then that would fit with guarding. We would guard a treasure.
  3. What would it mean to guard God’s word as a treasure? What would it look like for someone to steal your treasure? It would look like someone trying to make you doubt God’s word. It would look like someone trying to get you to dismiss God’s word as not valid for today. It would look like someone trying to alter the meaning, explaining away the original meaning.
  4. How can we stand guard against it? We need to know God’s word, know its authority, read it and cling to it with the Holy Spirit Who will guide us into truth and remind us of truth. We learn from God and not man, so we have God’s thoughts, not man’s.
  5. There is another warning about adultery. There is a story about a young, I presume unmarried, man, who is persuaded by a married woman to be with her like a husband and wife. It says, “All at once he follows her.” He gives in suddenly. But before that, she talked him into it. But before that, he went over her way. Before that, he had to have given thought to go over there.
  6. Sin actions don’t just happen. They start as thoughts. There are steps we take toward them before the suddenly we do it. You didn’t just stumble into sin. It was premeditated over time, little by little, giving way to thoughts and small actions that led to the big sin.
  7. Guard your thoughts. A good way to do that is to guard God’s word in your heart!