Placement Guides

READING: If your child is ready for kindergarten but hasn’t been through the McGuffey Primer course, please start there. It is not a full year. It’s about fifty lessons. It’s an important step in our learn to read program. If your child struggles with learning by sight words, please choose the Learn to Read course from the Reading levels and set it to Day 112. You could then use Math 1 along with it.

In general, I don’t suggest choosing a higher reading level than your child’s natural grade level. While they may be excellent readers, the subjects in books for older students may not be appropriate for young readers.

Reading Placement Guide

Language Arts Placement Guide

MATH: Getting Ready 1 teaches pre-math concepts like shapes, colors, patterns, and puzzles. Getting Ready 2 teaches counting to 100, writing number names to twenty, roman numerals, calendar, and more. If your student is comfortable with that, check the placement guide for individual math levels.

Math Placement Guide

High School courses in their recommended order