There are four themes. They include daily science and history as well as weekly art, music, and PE/health lessons. Every day there is one of the weekly courses. Art, music, and PE/Health are weekly courses.

There are just two levels for the program years: the first through fourth and the fifth through eighth levels. I set it up that way so that all of your children can be studying the same thing at the same time. They may all be learning about pyramids or bones, or whatever, on the same day, but they most often will have different readings or videos to do so.

When you choose a history theme, My EP Assignments will automatically set the other courses to be studied together. Choose any theme, but I would suggest choosing the same one for all of your children.

The themes are as follows:

Ancient History  (along with Biology)

Early American History  (along with Zoology)

Geography and Cultures  (along with Earth Science)

Modern History  (along with Physics and Chemistry)

Music and art will follow along with the history studies.

This is the order of the themes. You can start anywhere, but we suggest cycling through them from that point in order. They will go through them twice if they use the curriculum from first through eighth grade. There are different assignments for the older and younger children, so it will be a new course their second time through.