EP Math

Math is included in our levels or you can use an individual math course. There is a placement guide on the site that will help you choose your level.

First and second are very similar, except that the addition and subtraction go a little higher. The math is progressive and goes up through calculus.

We have math books first through fifth available as of Summer 2018. We are working to prepare levels 6 and 7 as well. These books take the courses completely offline. There is a student workbook and a lesson book for each level. The workbook is not the complete course. It needs to be used along with lessons. The lessons are online or in the parent guide. Starting in 5th, the workbooks are made to be used independently by the student.

There is one level that is different than the others, level 5/6. It’s made for kids to move at their own pace. It’s the only course not done by day number. It’s an ordered list of lessons. They will move through as you direct. I had a son go through the course in 2 months, and my daughter went through it in 2 years. You can have them do 20 minutes a day, or have them do one lesson a day and then repeat it the next day if they weren’t successful.

The 6/7 course is technically the 6th grade course, but you should always choose what’s best for your child, not just put them in a grade level.

The course following 6/7 would be Pre-Algebra.  It would most likely be used in grade 7 or 8.

As we are preparing books, we are preparing Printables books as well, which are all the worksheets that are supposed to be printed throughout the year. They can be printed from the site for free, or can be bought as workbook as a convenience to have all those worksheets all together without having to print them out. These are low cost and I know of ladies who took the pdf to a place like Staples to have it printed and bound regretted it because it wasn’t any cheaper than buying the workbook.