Lee’s Books and Other Things

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Genesis Curriculum

This is Lee’s offline curriculum. If you are interested in offline history and science, this is something you could consider. It’s one-room schoolhouse style. You read the curriculum to all your kids together. There is a junior edition for first and second graders.

Teaching and Bible Study

Miracle Stories

During 2020’s quarantine, I did a daily recording telling one of our family’s miracle stories. These certainly aren’t all of our stories, but they are stories to encourage you to get to know your Good Father so that you can rest in His loving care for you.

This Is Eternal Life

A Bible study for adults, teens, families focusing on getting to know God through the person of Jesus. It goes through the books of Matthew and John. You can get it delivered through My EP. Scroll through the Bible courses to get past the regular courses, after Bible IV.

Good Morning, Lord!

This is a two-minute lesson for each day. You can listen to the video or you can read it right on the page. You can get it delivered through My EP by using the Bible block, scroll to the end of the choices. You could also add through the Add-On page.