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Answering Questions

I’m answering questions live on Sunday evenings at 8PM EST on youtube.

Learning with Lee

Right now this is coding. I actually am thinking of doing cooking next.


Associated YouTube Channel

My “Perfect” Life

How do we teach our kids about life and faith? I started this thinking I’d write about homeschooling and home life, and then stopped. My kids didn’t want me writing about them and I couldn’t really write about homeschooling without them in it. Then I changed direction and started writing personal stories, some connected to the lessons in the devotional blog. It’s not about homeschooling, but a lot comes back to how we are teaching our kids, not math and reading, but about life and faith.


Life in Christ – Christ in Me

Devotional blog – short truths from Scripture.  I started this back in Turkey and was writing daily for a while and then it stopped. I’ve recently picked it up again to encourage myself in the faith.