Lee’s Books and Bible Teachings

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Genesis Curriculum

This is Lee’s offline curriculum. If you are interested in offline history and science, this is something you could consider. It’s one-room schoolhouse style. You read the curriculum to all your kids together. There is a junior edition for if your OLDEST child is in first or second grade.

Teaching and Bible Study

Miracle Stories

During 2020’s quarantine, I did a daily recording telling one of our family’s miracle stories. These certainly aren’t all of our stories, but they are stories to encourage you to get to know your Good Father so that you can rest in His loving care for you. In 2022 I added  some more. I will likely keep adding them in bunches from time to time.

September Studies

These are month-long Bible study for adults, teens and tweens, families.

This is Eternal Life: This Bible study focuses on getting to know God through the person of Jesus. It goes through the books of Matthew. You can get it delivered through My EP. Use the Parent Add-On.

Be Ye Separate: This looks at the lives of individuals in the Bible. Some were tangled up in the world, others separated themselves out and were used for God’s glory.

The Suffering Servant: Coming September 2022

Good Morning, Lord!

This is a two-minute lesson for each day. I am going straight through the Bible. As of June 2022, I have made it into 2 Samuel so far. I am going to keep going. Five more are added each week. You can listen to the video or you can read it right on the page. You can get it delivered through My EP by using the Bible block, scroll to the end of the choices. You could also add through the Add-On page.

These are now available as books: GenesisExodus

(More are in the works to get published.)


The King Will Make a Way  (a novel)

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The King Will Make a Way


An end-times story of faith and perseverance, The King Will Make a Way will encourage and challenge you to live by faith and solely for the King.

The Trumpet and the Swan  (a novel)

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Another end-times story, this novel teaches that we don’t need to know everything, we just need to know Jesus. It will encourage you to live in relationship with Jesus and find your fellowship in Christ.




Acknowledge Him in All Your Ways : Choose-Your-Path

Read online  (This does not have the pictures. They didn’t copy and paste in.)

A Week with Jesus  (a prayer guide/journal)


A Week with Jesus

Another Week with Jesus is in the works.

My Blog

This is my blog that no one knows about. If you want even more teaching and faith encouragement, here’s the blog I don’t mention. 🙂

My Kids


Rebecca Giles Art

This is a painting done by my daughter. She is the one who created EP’s Drawing and Painting and Drawing Professionally courses. She has graduated college and is a professional artist.