Vamoose! is a vocabulary game played like Go Fish. You ask for matches by asking for a synonym of a word in your hand. Matching pictures on the synonym cards means all ages can play and learn the words. There are 52 cards, 13 sets of synonyms.

If you don’t have a synonym in your hand, you tell them to go on their way by calling out, “Vamoose!

Ages: 3 +

Number of Players: 2 – 5 players

Play time: 15 minutes for a half deck, 30 minutes for a full deck


Vamoose is played like Go Fish. Deal five cards to each player if you have more than three players. If you have just two or three people playing, give everyone seven cards. The rest of the cards go face down in a draw pile.

Youngest player goes first and then take turns going to the left.

On your turn, ask any other player for a synonym of one of your cards. Show them your card. You can only ask for a synonym of a card you have. The picture will help young players know if they have a match or not.

If they have a match, they must give it to you. If they have more than one, they have to give you all of them.

If they don’t have the card, they say, “Vamoose!” You “get out of there” and take a card from the draw pile.

If you get what you asked for (whether from the draw pile or the person you asked), you get another turn. If you get all four of a kind, you get another turn. Put the four cards down in front of you. The winner is the one with the most complete sets when someone is out of cards or the draw pile is out of cards.

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