Spelling Placement

To place your student, read each word aloud followed by the example phrase or sentence. Your student should spell the word without any help or prompting from you. Do one section at a time and check your student’s spelling after each section. If they miss any words in a section, you can stop the test; that is where they should start in EP’s Spelling course.

To set up Spelling in My EP Assignments, add it to any of the Electives options on your Settings or Extras page. Use the Previous Course Next Course buttons to scroll through the Electives options until you get to Spelling. Then enter the lesson number that you want your student to start with into the “Change Lesson Number for Course” box.

Section 1 – Lesson 1

One – the number one
How – How are you doing today?
Again – That was fun. Let’s do it again.
Two – the number two
Black – Penguins are black and white.
Glad – means happy

Section 2 – Lesson 61

Any – Do we have any more of those crackers?
These – These are my favorites.
Right – I draw with my right hand.
Found – I found a coin on the street today.
Child – Why don’t you ask that child all by himself to come play with you?
Watch – I like to watch the birds at the feeder.

Section 3 – Lesson 121

Seven – the number seven
Awful – That was awful. Who made this?
Change – Did you change the batteries? They were dead.
Work – Have you finished all your work for today?
Always – The sun always rises in the East.
Coin – This coin is worth ten cents.

Section 4 – Lesson 181

Voice – She has a beautiful singing voice.
Through – We drove through a tunnel.
Honey – Bees make our honey.
Edge – My mom gets nervous when I sit on the edge.
Field – I saw three deer out in the field today.
Budget – We have a shopping budget so we don’t spend too much.

Section 5 – Lesson 241

Energy – I have lots of energy for running around and playing.
Stomach – My stomach is so full after dinner.
Daughter – Her daughter is over there.
Solve – Can you solve this puzzle?
Bruise – I got a purple bruise from my fall.
Decision – I have a big decision to make.

Section 6 – Lesson 301

Ignore – I think I will just ignore that comment.
Belief – I have a strong belief in God.
Musician – He is a musician. He plays two different instruments.
Cooperation – I appreciate everyone’s cooperation working together to get this done.
Strength – His great strength is in his cheerful attitude.
Guidance – I ask my parents for guidance because they are older and wiser than me.