1. This chapter is a specific warning about not giving your body to someone other than your spouse. It will lead to your ruin, your death. You’ll lose your honor and your strength. You will groan and your flesh will be consumed. That doesn’t sound good.
  2. God created our bodies, male and female to fit together perfectly to bring forth life and also to bring us pleasure.
  3. Marriage between a man and woman is an image of the oneness we have with Christ, of the pure union between Christ and the church. That oneness can only exist between a man and woman. We were built to love each other face to face. It’s an intimate act and our relationship with God is just as close and intimate.
  4. From an earthly perspective, the proverb gives encouragement to rejoice in your wife. Guys, if you keep your eyes only for your wife and keep your thoughts only on her body, she will always excite you! It is common for men to lose their ability to get excited by their wives. That’s not God’s design. That’s man’s sin. You will not suffer that way if you love your wife and her only! Be intoxicated and delighted with the one who is yours alone.
  5. This starts before you are married. Save your body, save your mind. Keep yourself until the Lord brings you the one He’s chosen for you to marry. It’s a great gift. Marriage is a great gift. The act of being one together is a great gift and can be truly blessed by God if we use it to honor Him as we should everything in our lives.