A Lying Fool

  1. Though there are some other proverbs in chapter 26, especially some about the sluggard who is so lazy he can’t even feed himself, most it seems are about the fool and the tongue.
  2. First there is the fool who can speak no word wisely. We’re warned to not join him in his talk, not to answer him back. We need to find the wise people to help us. If we send a fool to do an errand for us, he’ll cause trouble.
  3. One way we can be wise and not like the fool is to learn from our mistakes. The fool repeats his folly. We can not make the same mistake twice.
  4. As for the tongue, we’re given the wisdom that to end quarreling, we need to not be whisperers. We shouldn’t be talking about others, spreading discontent or mistrust or whatever it is. People may love to hear it, but it will go into their hearts and end up hurting someone.
  5. There are warnings about not believing someone who hates. We need discernment as to who that is because the warning is that they will disguise themselves and speak graciously. We need to look for signs as to someone’s character through their actions and in their words in moments when they aren’t working to deceive. We need to believe those things and not the flattering and lying words they speak to us. Watch someone’s life. They will show their character.