1. I saw two sets of choices presented in Proverbs 29, where one of the roads you could choose would lead to your being ensnared. Don’t go that way. It’s a trap!
  2. The choices should seem so easy to us, but we don’t always have our eyes on the road ahead and where it is leading, just on what is in front of us. That’s one reason why it is so important to have the Lord set before you! Jesus should be in our line of sight at all times. If our eyes are on Him, we will be following Him and we won’t end up in the wrong place.
  3. The first choice we come across is between being ensnared by transgression or singing and rejoicing in our righteousness. Do we want to be trapped or rejoice in our freedom? Again, seems easy. But what about when you are looking at the choice before you? Can you look at something your flesh would normally (or used to) lust after and think, “My flesh is crucified. I don’t want that?” Can you make the choice? In Christ Jesus you can make the choice and should want to! We are free from sin by the blood and the Spirit. We are slaves to righteousness. The pull should be to do the right thing. The choice is death or life.
  4. The other choice we face is being ensnared by the fear of man or being safe by trusting in the Lord. Safety or entrapment? Fear of man or trust in the Lord. What is your choice? Again, we need to have the Lord in our line of sight. We need to see Him set before us. If we see Him, we can make the choice to please Him. If we only see man, we can slip into pleasing man instead.
  5. We need to walk with Jesus. We need to know He is with us. We need to live together with Him. We’re to be one with Him! We’re to no longer live but Christ live in us. What would Jesus do? That’s what should be coming out in your life.
  6. These are life and death choices. God is patient. But we see with Israel that there is an end to it.
  7. Verse 1: He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing.