Faithful Justice

  1. Those who keep the law strive against the wicked, and those who seek the Lord understand justice completely.
  2. Those seemed some strong words and a strong calling to the people of God. We’re to understand justice and strive against the wicked. What does that look like? What could that look like in your life? Where, locally, do you see something that’s not right? Is there a way to stand up to it? How can justice be proclaimed?
  3. Verse 8 tells us that the way to wealth is to not have it, to give it away! It says that there are those growing wealthy, gaining profit and investing, but their money is going to be given to those who are generous to the poor. It’s not a get-rich formula because you have to give it away to get more! Another proverb tells us that giving to the poor will mean we won’t lack. There is a way to thrive when the economy crashes; it’s giving to the poor!
  4. There is also a warning that holding onto your money is a sure way to find poverty, though spiritual poverty will be the first thing you find! There is even a proverb here that says you’ll get curses instead blessings if you hide your eyes from needs.
  5. Another guide to prospering is to confess your sins! Hiding your sin is a recipe for disaster. Satan wants us to hide in darkness. Jesus wants us walking in the light, His Light! Confess your sins and repent, walk away from them, want them gone, asking the Lord to remove them completely. It’s the repentant who obtain mercy.
  6. Here’s a promise. “A faithful man will abound with blessings.” What does it mean to be faithful? It means to be counted trustworthy. Can God trust you to keep His word? He gave you His word; are you faithful with it? God gave you gifts. Are you faithful with them?