Listen and Learn

  1. It’s a wise son who listens to his father’s instruction. We could apply that heavenward as well. We’d be wise to listen to God and obey all of Christ’s commands.
  2. It’s wisdom to do what is right. To know what is right to do it, we need to know God’s word and the living Word, Jesus Himself. His life in us by the Holy Spirit, can teach us and remind us of God’s truths we should be walking in.
  3. There is reward in honoring God’s commandments. Jesus speaks a lot of them. And we are to listen to Jesus! God said so Himself. He literally says, “Listen to Him!” on the Mount of Transfiguration.
  4. Life comes from the teaching of the wise. Anyone speaking by the Holy Spirit is speaking wisdom because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Wisdom. Of course, all of what Jesus said was wise and what we should take into our lives to bring life!
  5. If you want to become wise, there is a proverb in this chapter with some advice for you. “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise.” Choose companions that are going to lead you nearer to Christ, who are going to speak God’s words to you.
  6. There is a warning of the opposite, that you will be harmed by hanging around with fools. Who is a fool? Anyone disregarding God’s word, the commands of Christ.
  7. Anyone listening to God and keeping His word, obeying the commands of Christ, is one of the righteous that are blessed. He will be satisfied. He will plunder the unrighteous.
  8. One of the proverbs is that the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous. Think of the Israelites walking out of Egypt with their gold and jewelry and other valuables.
  9. The righteous are promised a reward of good, so kids, don’t be upset when you are disciplined. The Scriptures tell your parents that if they love you, they will be diligent to discipline you. In fact, they would be acting hateful toward you if they didn’t discipline you. A wise son receives correction. Listen and learn.