Things God Hates

  1. There are several warnings in Proverbs 6. One is against laziness. “Go to the ant, O sluggard.” It is a rebuke to work when you are able. It could be paired with a verse I have quoted to myself numerous times to keep from napping: “A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest.” The rest of the verse is about poverty coming on you.
  2. God’s command is “Six days you shall work.” Paul will tell us to not let someone eat if they aren’t willing to work (1 Thess. 3:10).
  3. There is a warning about adultery. You are playing with fire and destroying yourself. That’s Bible truth right there. This applies to someone unmarried as well. You don’t give yourself to someone you aren’t married to. You wouldn’t want your future spouse with someone else. And even if you think you’ll marry the person, or even plan on marrying, there is no assurance that will happen. And if you’ve joined yourself to that person and they don’t marry you, you have just committed adultery against your future spouse. And why would you marry someone not committed to honoring God with their body! Anyone not wanting to save themselves for marriage is lacking self-control, a fruit of the Spirit. You want to marry someone who exhibits the life of the Spirit and who can control themselves.
  4. There is a list in Proverbs 6 about things the Lord hates. He hates when people are proud, when they lie, when they kill the innocent (think especially abortion), when they plan out evil things in their hearts, when they chase after sin, when they create division where there should be unity.
  5. Hopefully you don’t see yourself in the list. What would be the opposite? What would be the list of things God loves?
    • Humility, truth, life, meditating on Him, fleeing from sin, building unity