Be a Wise Guy

  1. Wisdom calls to the high places to call them to come to their senses. What were the high places? They were where people sacrificed to other gods. Come all you who labor and sacrifice to earn for yourselves what you desire. Get wisdom!
  2. We aren’t meant to live our lives for ourselves, to labor and toil to gain, only to die and leave it all behind.
  3. We are meant to live for eternity, which means to live for the Eternal One. We’re meant to surrender our lives and give ourselves to His love and service. We don’t earn. We receive. Everything in our life is a gift. Yes, there is work to be done. We pray. We love. But God does the work. The Lord builds the house. God accomplishes the lasting fruit. He alone is the foundation that will last through any fire or storm.
  4. In Proverbs 9 we have another warning against adultery. Those who do it find death and hell. Don’t do it. Keep your body pure. And to do that, keep your mind pure. To do that, keep your eyes pure. You are not your own. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit if you have given your life to Christ. Jesus bought you. You were bought by His blood. You don’t belong to yourself. Your body, your everything belongs to Him. Honor God with your body and with your thoughts.
  5. There are warnings about not correcting a fool, a scoffer, someone making fun of wisdom and what is right.
  6. But let’s look at it the other way around. Be the wise man who receives correction and instruction and grows wiser still. Be the one who listens to what is right and learns and increases in righteousness.
  7. Be a wise guy.