With All Your Heart

  1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Put all your trust in God. We tend to trust in our own understanding and then ask God to bless our ways. We need our confidence to be in the Lord. The problem is that we think we have understanding of the situation. We need to not rely on what we think we understand. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
  2. One area where I can give examples is repairs needed in our home. We’ve experienced all of these: the problem just miraculously fixing itself, a repair man just showing up, our handyman calling us about doing work, and waiting for direction and looking in a different place for help than we would have if we had acted right away and then found the way smooth.
  3. Sometimes we pray and the Lord fixes it. We’ve had plumbing fixed that way. We’ve had our dishwasher fixed that way. When our phone didn’t work, which at the time was also our internet, the repairman just showed up at our house, minutes after we realized it was down. He was on his way before we knew there was a problem. We never reported it. We were on his work order for the day! The handyman calling us happened when we needed our banister put back up. I said to the Lord, “It would be awesome if it were just back up in the morning,” but it wasn’t. I apologized for not even really praying. I prayed and put the problem into the Lord’s hands and told Him my hands were off of it. I wasn’t going to touch it in my own understanding. Twenty minutes later our handyman called and said, “Did you tell me you had more work for me?” We hadn’t seen or spoken to him in two months. We did have work! And sometimes it’s just the Lord directing our steps of where to turn to get help.
  4. He can perform all things for us. Trust in the Lord for the small and big things in life. Give Him your whole heart.