And Live

  1. Do you want to live, to really live? Hold fast to the Word of God. His name is Jesus. You can get to know Him through the Word, the Bible. Read His words and live by them. The path of the righteous is full of light because His Word is a light for our path. If we walk with Jesus, we walk in the light. If we walk according to His Word, we walk by the light. And if we walk in the light, by His light, then we shine brighter and brighter “until full day,” until we reach our goal, completely one with Him, nothing left of us. We are complete in Christ and being perfected, all at once.
  2. There is a repeated command to get wisdom. How does one get wisdom? In James we’re told to ask God for it if we know we are lacking. The Spirit of Wisdom is just the Holy Spirit. The Father loves to give the good gift of wisdom to those who ask because He loves to give the good gift of the Spirit to those who ask.
  3. If we walk in that wisdom, then we will be kept and guarded. Kept and guarded, that’s what Jesus offers us. He keeps us from sin and the evil one. He is our guard and protector. One of the ways He does that is by giving us wisdom, giving us His word to live by.
  4. There are great promises for those who love God’s wisdom: honor, long life, clear path, not stumbling, life, and healing.
  5. How can we not stumble? It tells us. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Do not swerve to the right or to the left. Eyes on Jesus. Follow Him.