1. We are through all the proverbs of Solomon. These last two chapters are written by others. I thought this line in Proverbs 30 was a great prayer.
  2. “Give me neither poverty nor riches.”
  3. Do you remember why? It showed what was in his heart, what was important to him. What was it?
  4. He didn’t want to sin. He knew if he were in too great a need he might steal. And he knows that if he has too much wealth, he might deny God. Our ease and comfort tend to make us forget.
  5. Are you desiring after something that might turn your heart away? Jobs, schools, activities, almost anything, can be a distraction for us from what’s important. It seems like everything in the world is intent on distracting us from our true focus of Jesus Christ and His desire for me in this moment: love God and love others.
  6. Everything pulls us away and wants us to focus on ourselves. Can you see it all as the devil trying to ensnare? All those things that say you deserve some treat, some relaxation, something for ME, those are entrapments. They are enticing to self instead Savior.
  7. Ask God to help you see your desires, what you are after. Make sure it’s Him alone. When you pray, think about asking for Him and for what will help you find Him and keep Him before you.
  8. Don’t let a distraction keep your eyes of His beauty or entice you to trash when there is Treasure to take hold of.