A Fit Word

  1. A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver (Proverbs 25:11).
  2. What does this verse mean? Apples of gold in a setting of silver isn’t just an expensive thing; it’s a finely crafted thing. It’s thoughtfully shaped and smoothed and placed just so.
  3. A word fitly spoken would be the same.
  4. It’s not tossed off; the timing is considered. There’s a right moment to speak.
  5. The words are chosen carefully. They will calm the angry, persuade the unsure, encourage the dismayed. It’s not just getting your opinion heard. It’s not getting your point across or stating the facts. It’s a purposeful proclamation that has the listener in mind, not the speaker.
  6. How often are we thinking of ourselves when we speak? We need to think of others. The person we’re speaking to needs a fit word. We need to stop planning what we are going to say, and listen first.
  7. Then we need to stop jumping in to get ourselves heard, and we need to pause and think before we speak.
  8. Praying should be going on!
  9. And when we’ve listened and understood and sought the Lord for wisdom. We can be slow to speak and share our fit word.
  10. We should always be thinking of others. Verse 20 is about being considerate to a hurting heart. Verse 21 tells us to take care of our enemies.
  11. We’re to not lie or be proud. Those would be thinking of ourselves, not others.
  12. We’re to be faithful messengers and never say we’ll do something and then not.
  13. Think of others. Or, we could say, love others. And in doing so, you’ll fulfill the whole law.