Taking Stock

    1. God calls for a census. We’ve seen this before, the men twenty years old and up are counted.
    2. The Levite males were all counted, starting with month-old babies. They are not to receive an inheritance of land, which was the point of the census. They were going to divide the land. Larger tribes were going to get a larger portion of the land.
    3. The tribe of Judah, the one that Jesus’ family line will come through, is the largest tribe, though Joseph’s two half-tribes put together have the most people.
    4. God calls for the taking stock. They were going to see what the Lord had done.
    5. Taking stock isn’t a moment of pride in our accomplishments. Taking stock should be a humbling moment that causes gratitude.
    6. Taking stock is remembering. It’s a reflection of all God has done, how far He’s brought us.
    7. It’s a time to look to the future too. Israel counts their numbers and sees how the Lord has blessed them. But it also is a time to look at preparing for moving into the next step with their God.
    8. He’s going to bring them each into the place He’s prepared for them.
    9. God has lots of good things prepared for us. He has plans for us (Jer. 29:11). He has good works prepared for us (Eph. 2:10). He has an inheritance stored up for us (Eph. 1:14).
    10. There is a future out there for us and we need to walk into it remembering where God has brought us from.
    11. The danger of the gifts of the future is to forget the gifts of the past. The danger is to think by our own strength we are receiving and doing. We have to stop and take stock.
    12. See how far you’ve come, how far the Lord has brought you. And stop. Give thanks. Acknowledge Him.
    13. Acknowledge that He has done this thing and it is marvelous in your eyes (Ps. 118:23).
    14. Don’t plan your future, give it into His hands. Let Him choose your inheritance. Let Him choose the land He’s going to bring you into.
    15. The goal isn’t to accomplish or obtain. It’s to go with Him and to allow Him to get the glory.