The Answer We Need


The angel of the Lord, as in the one who appeared to Joshua and to Moses, appears to the woman who would become Samson’s mother. He tells her that she will have a son who will be dedicated to God his whole life, so she should drink no alcohol and to make sure to eat foods deemed clean by the Law of Moses. She is also instructed that no razor should ever touch the child’s head.

She tells her husband but he wants to know some things for himself. He prays to the Lord that the man would come again and teach them what they are to do with the boy. The angel of the Lord appears again, and she runs to fetch her husband. He asks what the boy’s vocation is going to be. He wants to know the future. He’s only told exactly what had already been told his wife.

That was what they needed to know. God hadn’t forgotten something.

The God who works wonders, as the author of Judges calls Him, reveals to them that the angel of the Lord is no ordinary man. He causes fire from heaven to consume the offering they set out and then he rises in the smoke.

Samson’s father-to-be is afraid he’ll die because he’s seen God. His wife reminds him that they are still alive and have been told about a child they are to have. He sees the logic in that.

God reveals Himself to man not to destroy them but to draw them to Himself. That’s different from man breaking into the holy of holies to look into the Ark of the Covenant trying to see God or be with God without being welcomed and without recognizing the holiness of God.

God is set apart and must be set apart. Those who would try to force themselves onto God will be consumed so that He remains holy and set apart. You can’t come to God without going through the cross, the cleansing of the blood of Christ. It won’t end well otherwise.

Samson’s dad didn’t get the answers he wanted, but he got all he needed and was given something more. He got to see God and be in His presence.

We may think we need the answers. But God knows what we really need, and it’s Him. We don’t need all the answers. We just need to be in the presence of the God who works wonders.