Who Is Your God?


The other half of Joseph’s tribe complains to Joshua that they are too big for the land allotted them. Joshua concedes and tells them they can clear out more land for themselves.

This chapter makes my heart sad. What’s going on? I think this is a moment where Joshua felt some of what Moses felt, that constant complaining and demanding of the Israelites.

The tribe of Manasseh isn’t happy with their land. It’s not enough. They are thinking of themselves and want more. They aren’t satisfied.

How did they get their land? It was by lot, which means they were leaving it up to God to choose who was going to live where. Complaining and demanding means they aren’t satisfied with God’s good will for them.

Do you ever complain or demand? What are you saying about God’s good will?

At those times, you are saying that either you don’t think God is good, that you don’t believe God is who He says He is, that you don’t believe in the God of the Bible, OR, that you don’t want Him to be your God.

If you say you believe in God, then the only choice is that last one, that you don’t want Him to be your God. You want to be your own god and think you’ll make better choices than the ones God is making. Of course, how much of your trouble comes from other times you didn’t submit to God, didn’t surrender and let Him be your God?

He can redeem anything though, and He can do it better than you can, no matter what your state or circumstances. The best choice, the only choice, is believing Him and choosing Him.

Surrender. Let Him be your God.