Choose Life


Moses points out that He has set a choice before the people of Israel.

They could choose life or they could choose death.

They could choose good or they could choose evil.

They could choose being blessed or they could choose being cursed.

They could choose abundant prosperity or they could choose being outcasts.

It seems like such an easy choice. How do they show what choice they made?

They could choose life, good, blessing, and abundant prosperity by loving God.

How do they show they love God?

They walk in His ways and keep His commandments.

It’s that simple. There’s no saying, “I love God,” and then doing things your own way.

It starts with that humbling of yourself. It starts with recognizing who you are next to God.

That’s followed by seeking His way, His truth, His life, giving up your own ideas of the way, the truth, and your life.

You make the choice once and for all. Then you make the choice daily, even moment to moment when you need to, when your old life and old way of thinking try to resurrect themselves.

But once you’ve settled the matter, then there is never, ever another choice to be made. You know the choice you’ve made and you walk in it.

And you choose life and you live. You live in the freedom of Christ.  You live in super abundance. You live enraptured in every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. You live in the love of God.