1. God’s not playing favorites in His care for certain people. The Israelites are instructed not to show impartial favor to the poor, but they are also not to gang up on him either. They are to be fair and not take bribes. They are to find guilty the guilty and innocent the innocent.
    2. The Sabbath law of rest is repeated and is also applied to years. They are to work six years and then rest a year and let those without land feed off of what grows and store up the food for themselves. The land is even to be left so that the wild animals will have food to eat.
    3. They are not even to mention the names of other gods, but those names are mentioned in the Scriptures, so it’s not the names, but in the use. They shouldn’t be found on their lips. They are to call on the one true God alone. They aren’t to try them all to cover their bases or something.
    4. Three times a year they are to hold a feast.
  1. There is the Passover feast of Unleavened Bread.
  2. There is the Pentecost Feast of the Harvest, the celebration of First Fruits. It’s the day Jews celebrate the receiving of the Law, and the day Christians celebrate receiving the Holy Spirit.
  • Finally, there is the Feast of the Ingathering, where Christians await Christ’s return and their gathering to Him.
    1. Christ fulfilled or will fulfill each feast. Each Jewish holiday is just a shadow of what is to come. Just as the laws are a shadow of the perfect law of love to come.
    2. Christ fulfilled the law, becoming love incarnate.
    3. Christ fulfilled the Spring feasts in his death, resurrection, and His pouring out of the Holy Spirit.
    4. Christ will fulfill the final fall feasts. Each celebration is an anticipation in hope of the Savior’s soon return.