Slaves – Part 1

People who don’t know my Father think He’s an awful person talking about slaves as money, saying thieves should be sold as slaves if they can’t repay, for allowing slavery at all.

But I know my Father and He is good and He is love, so let’s look at this from a better perspective. His people were slaves, just recently and for hundreds of years. He’s not out to get people or a certain group of people with slavery. He’s not devaluing a people group like we know slavery to be.

He allowed His people to be slaves. Did He not love His people? Of course He loved them. Did He not care? Of course He did. Did He step in and redeem them, buy them back? Yes! Did He love them and save them? Yes!

The fact is we are all slaves. We’re slaves of sin until we’re set free in Christ Jesus. While we’re slaves to sin, we’re like money to Satan, a currency he can use to accomplish what he wants, namely to steal, kill and destroy.

Jesus set us free from that. He’s the God that sets a freedom date on men going into slavery. We have a freedom date. He knows when our spiritual birthday will be, when we’ll step out of the darkness and into the light.