In The Beginning

Genesis 1:1: “Be-re-sheet ba-ra Elohim et ha-sha-may-im ve et ha-ah-rets.” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

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Today’s lesson is about the verse, not the Hebrew. In the last lesson, we talked about before the beginning. Now we’re at the beginning. The first thing God does is speak and create light. God speaks things into being. He spoke you into being.

A definition of light is moving energy. Light or energy is what gives us life on earth. It warms us and feeds us. There is only death apart from light. And this light energy cannot be created by man. All of the energy needed to sustain life on earth was created in one instant. It was and is. There is no more or less energy in the universe today than when the earth was created. Our cells have energy. It’s how we are alive.

Then God spoke into being the universe and the earth and the water and the sun and moon and the life that would be sustained by that energy, the plants, and animals. He spoke and it was. With one word, God can bring life from death. With one word, God can take chaos and turn it into order. With one word, God can create something that we couldn’t even imagine. It only takes a word, an instant. Never look at something or someone as being hopeless. It only takes one word from God for everything to change.