One of Leah’s children is a daughter named Dinah. A prince from among the Canaanites, a Hivite to be exact, fell in love with her. Instead of going through the proper steps, maybe for fear he wouldn’t be given her as his wife since they were of a different people, he kind of steals her for himself. Then, he goes and asks for her.

But it’s too late. Maybe Dinah’s family would have been okay with it if he had come to them first and asked for her in marriage. But he had already treated Dinah wrongly, even though in his heart he loved her. Again, trying to sort things out in your own understanding causes all sorts of trouble.

Dinah’s brothers trick the prince, and instead of giving him their sister, they kill him and everyone else. Well, not everyone. They steal away their women and children. They also steal all of their animals and everything else. I don’t know where Jacob was for all of this, but he doesn’t approve. We don’t know what the sister thinks either. Instead of being married to a prince that adored her, she may never marry.

Jacob’s now afraid that all the Canaanites will hate them and join together to attack them. It’s another unwarranted fear. So, what should have happened? Stopping. Inquiring of the Lord. We also again have no mention of the Lord or seeking His wisdom and direction or simply asking for help.

When life turns upside down, sickness or accident, a job loss, a crime against you, an unexpected death, a big disaster or maybe just a small one, we need to stop. We need to not react. We need to not let feelings bubble up and spill out.

Pour those thoughts and feelings out to God, not to or at others. He can take them. Let Him take them. Then let Him give you peace. Then ask the Light of the world to illumine the path before you. Tell Him you want to see Him and nothing else. Then follow Him regardless of how He moves forward.