More Than Any Other

Moses was the best. In our era of fifteen-minute fame, lots of people seek to be the best, even if it’s the best at something stupid. If it’s wild enough, funny enough, the best for just a moment, then people will do it. But if you are going to be the best, do it like Moses. Be the best at knowing you aren’t the best.

Moses is said to be meeker than any other human on earth. He was humble. He knew he wasn’t all that, even as he was the chosen leader, performing miracles, and had his nation looking to him.

How did he become so meek? He met God. That’s all it takes to become humble. He saw who God was. He saw who he was in comparison. He understood who God was. He had the memory of the burning bush. He had the memory of questioning God and being afraid. He had the memory of everything going wrong but then everything happening just as God had said. He had the memory of not being willing to go and obey on his own, believing he wasn’t able, knowing full well that he wasn’t able. But he also had the memory of being able, of God working in and through him. He had a front row seat to God’s greatest deliverance apart from the cross of Christ. Moses knows he did not do it. He was there, but it wasn’t him. He knew.

He knew God and he knew himself in the light of Who God was.

We can’t see God for Who He is and think we’re all that. Any sense of pride we have is a display of a lack of knowing who God is.

There’s nothing we have that we weren’t given. Nothing. We’re nothing apart from Him.

God is far from the proud not because He runs away from them. He’s far from the proud because they are far from Him. They do not know Him. There’s no intimacy with God that leaves one feeling proud.

Knowing God leaves a deep sense of humility. The more we know of who God is, the more we realize we have nothing to offer Him or anyone else. It’s all Him. Recognize it’s all Him and let Him alone get the glory.