Did Joseph have any reason to be mad at his brothers? Did Joseph have any reason to be mad at Potiphar, who sent him to prison? Did Joseph have any reason to be mad at the cupbearer, who forgot about him? Did Joseph live a life of unforgiveness and bitterness?

At the end of the Book of Genesis, Joseph reassures the brothers he won’t turn against them; rather, he will care for them. He says they meant evil, but God used it for good to keep people alive. God brings life.

Joseph is acting like Jesus, God’s representation on earth. Jesus revealed the Father to us. Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God. Jesus showed us God. Joseph is a picture of it here. We’re to be a picture of it!

The life we live in the flesh we live by faith in the Son of God, who loved us and gave Himself for us because it is no longer we that live, but it’s Christ Who lives in us. The world says you’ve been wronged. God says you’ve been forgiven, so forgive. The world says they deserve to be punished. God says you’ve been shown mercy, so show mercy.

Jesus saw we were sinners, yet He chose to die for us. The cross shows God’s love for us and His goodness toward us. He died for those who were nailing Him to the cross. He died for those who yelled out, “Crucify Him.” He died for those who chose Barabbas and rejected Him. He died for the Pharisees who plotted against Him.

He died for you. He forgave you. He showed you mercy. If you aren’t showing forgiveness and mercy, then you don’t know God’s forgiveness and mercy. Either you don’t know what God offers, or you haven’t received it. Believe God has forgiven you completely.

You must forgive and show mercy. It’s not a choice you get to make. It’s not a choice you should want to make. Forgiveness should roll off us like we’re waterproof. We should be unforgiveness proof! We love because He first loved us. If you are struggling to love, you haven’t realized how greatly you are loved. Receive the fullness of the love He offers you. He is love. He wants to give Himself to you. Receive Him.