Isaac Blesses His Children

Rebekah remembers the word of the Lord to her that her older son, Esau, will serve the younger. Jacob has the birthright too. On top of that, Rebekah is going crazy because of Esau’s wives, two Hittite women. She knows Jacob needs better.

We don’t know that she understands the promise to Abraham and the lineage her sons will fall into. She knows she loves Jacob. She knows God said Esau would serve Jacob. She seems to think her husband is about to do something foolish. She may be right. What does he say? Why does Esau have to hunt and prepare a meal?

Isaac says it’s so that his soul can bless him. Why would Isaac need to be fed his favorite food to bless Esau? Your soul is your mind and emotions, that inner you. It’s not your spirit man. That’s what gets a new birth in Christ. We desire to walk in the Spirit, to let the Spirit of Christ in us walk and talk and think and move through us and reach others through us.

It is not our goal to act and speak out of our soul. We work to bring our soul into an agreement with the Spirit. It’s called the renewing of your mind.

We take thoughts captive and get rid of what doesn’t match God’s Word. We read Scripture and meditate on it, repeating it and thinking about it. We think about things above, good things, and only God is good.

We choose to forgive. We choose to love. We choose not to let anger get us. We choose to think the best of others. We choose to guard our hearts and be faithful to the true loves in our life.

Our soul is something Christ helps protect us from, not something we want to speak life’s important moments out of.

When Jesus rebuked Peter saying, “Get behind me, Satan,” He said it was because Peter had the thoughts of man, not God. The thoughts of man are coming from our soul.

Isaac says, “Make my soul happy, and you’ll get a blessing.” That’s not godly thinking. We don’t live from our feelings. People can’t buy God’s blessing from us. We offer it freely.