In Leviticus 9, we read how Aaron did each thing as the Lord had commanded. That’s the way to effective service in the Lord. That’s the way to a pleasing and acceptable sacrifice.

Aaron’s sons then turn around and offer their own incense fire before the Lord. Verse 1 in chapter 10 says they offered unauthorized fire. They are then consumed by the fire of God. God’s fire will consume everyone at some point. The rainbow is also a reminder that next time the Earth will be destroyed by fire.

God Himself is the eternal one. He alone remains forever. The only way to lasting life, the only way to remain, is to have His life in you. His life is the precious gold in you that only becomes more pure and perfect when placed in the fire.

As believers, we can purposefully submit to the fire and offer ourselves as living sacrifices because our fear of God has given us the understanding that we need not fear a loving God.

Believers have the promise that they can walk through fire and not be burned. We aren’t to fear the fire of God. We’re to walk in it. It was in the fire that the three Hebrew men walked with Jesus.

It’s when we don’t feel the fire that things can get most dangerous for a believer; the life of ease and comfort can be deadly for a believer. It’s there we can stop living in gratitude and in complete reliance on Him. When we’ve got it made, we’re at a loss.

We need Him like we need food and water, even more so.

There’s the fire of the Spirit in us that burns with desire to know Him and make Him known. And there’s the fire of the Spirit that tests and purifies and refines to make ready a bride for the Christ.

We will not be burned in the fire, and we shouldn’t fear walking through it. It’s for our good, for His glory, and all under the control of the Great, Holy, Awesome, Perfect, Loving, Good God.