1. We have another review of the feasts in Leviticus 23. These are our calendar reminders to be reminded of Christ.
    2. We have the weekly Sabbath and the fulfilled spring feasts.
    3. Then we have the fall feasts which I believe will be fulfilled when Christ returns.
    4. I don’t believe in the imminent return of Christ, as in, it could be any second any day. No, He has to come on time.
    5. Jesus didn’t die on the cross when the Romans happened to get Him. He died not only on Passover but at the time of the evening sacrifice.
    6. God is on time. He acts on purpose. Christ’s return will be on time and at a purposeful time. Here’s my current understanding of the fall feasts.
    7. In the Old Testament we read about trumpets sounded to announce the new king had ascended the throne. The trumpets will sound and Jesus will be announced. No one is going to miss the announcement.
    8. I do believe the Feast of Trumpets will be the return of Christ, now as ruling king in power and majesty. We will be transformed and we will be with Him and can start our wedding feast.
    9. The spring feasts were fulfilled in order. I believe the same for the fall feasts. God is orderly. He does things on purpose.
    10. Then comes the Day of Atonement. Jesus’ death on the cross was our atoning sacrifice. So, that’s not what this day is about. The Day of Atonement was when fates are sealed. It was a day of “affliction of the soul.” You wanted your sins atoned for so that you could receive God’s seal of blessing for the coming year.
    11. When the church is raptured, God’s wrath begins to be poured out. The earth will quake and all souls will be afflicted. See Revelation 6 for this event.
    12. But, we know from God’s word that there will be some sealed, protected from the coming wrath. I think this is the Day of Atonement fulfilled.
    13. Then we have the feast of tabernacles. I’ve run out of time in this lesson, but the short of it is that I see this as our dwelling with God, but also His remnant still on earth learning to trust Him as their salvation, as the Israelites had to rely on God for their very lives daily. He was their source of life.