Abraham and Sarah again tell a half-truth about Sarah being his sister, a truth, just not the whole truth. Abraham is afraid of being killed in order to take Sarah, so they lie, and the leader of the land, Abimelech, does take Sarah to be his wife.

It wasn’t even necessary. Abraham said he lied because there was no fear of God in the place. That wasn’t true. Abimelech and his people were afraid, very afraid.

Abraham had made a decision based on his understanding instead of God’s. God intervenes and saves the day anyway. God protects Sarah and the promise of the child. She’s to have one child, and Abraham is to be the father. It will not happen any other way. God is bringing Sarah to her destiny. His will is accomplished. There is no other way.

His children are foremost on His mind at all times. God shuts everyone’s womb. Abraham is the one who will pray and open them again. God again shows that He will make a distinction. In this story, there is a distinction between His children and the others.

However, He also holds true to His character when dealing with Abimelech and his people. Just like Abraham pointing out to God that He wouldn’t destroy the righteous, Abimelech makes a similar plea, asking God if He would destroy an innocent man. God doesn’t, in either case. God listens to those who are coming to Him humbly, and God keeps to His character.

God turns the trouble into a blessing. He shows His power, His control, and His love. He protects; He restores. He gives abundantly.

Abraham is given lots of gifts and his wife back. The promise of the child is kept safe. God’s plan will be carried out to completion. God’s chosen people will be His children. He will be their God. They will dwell in the promised land, and He will be their king. It was spoken. It will be established. It must come to pass. It can’t be any other way.