Leviticus 22 has more warnings about being holy and set apart and making holy offerings. They aren’t to offer any animal that has been crushed or bruised. Again, we’re the offering now. We’re the living sacrifice. We’re to come to the altar holy, undefiled, and uncrushed and unbruised.

Many seem to think Christians live in a state of constant brokenness. It’s a false humility that dishonors God. We come to the cross broken down in our sin. Jesus was broken on the cross so that we could be made whole: body, mind, soul, spirit.

We are to walk humbly before our God. But humility in Christ says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” It’s fine to acknowledge our weakness and inability as humans, but it’s not okay to disrespect God’s sovereignty and power, the finished work of Jesus on the cross, and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

Acting as if you can’t overcome a sin is a lie if you are really a believer. If you can’t overcome a sin, then you aren’t saved or have an idol and are loving your sin more than you love God. Your offering isn’t holy; it’s become defiled.

We don’t get to live in a state of brokenness as Christians, not if we are going to give the highest honor to God and live like Jesus, not if we want our lives to be acceptable and holy sacrifices.

Acting as if we just have to mess up every day and are never going to “get it right” is an offense to the Holy God who gave Himself so that you could be perfect as He is perfect.

Yes, we’re not like Jesus. We’re working to attain that which we already have. So, in a sense, we’re broken and are being perfected, daily being transformed from glory to glory into His image. But, we’re being transformed. That’s not staying the same. That’s not staying in the same place of brokenness. That’s changing, growing, becoming more and more like Jesus as He reveals sin in our lives and we repent and give it to Him to take away.

We need to acknowledge all that we have in Christ Jesus. We need to acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit in us to overcome. We need to never be stuck in place. We have an upward call in Christ, always marching heavenward.

Denying your freedom from sin and your overcoming nature in Christ is denying Christ. You are saying He wasn’t able, that He wasn’t enough. So, the question isn’t whether or not you are broken. It’s what do you believe about Jesus?