Redemption Price


In Numbers 3, we read that the Lord would not take the firstborn of the Israelite’s cattle or of the people. Instead, He set apart the Levites for Himself.

We read before about the price per head when they counted the people. Here we see more of that command. They were to count the firstborn and each paid a redemption price. All the firstborn males are valued at the same price.

Back when we read about vows in Leviticus 27, we read about differing valuations for men and women. You paid less to redeem a woman. Things like that can raise the ire of modern-day feminists, blaming God’s Word for unequal pay today. Of course, their judgment is off. God never devalued women.

A man was worth a little more money because he could bring in more income with his labors; it doesn’t mean a woman was valued less in God’s eyes. God didn’t need their money. God wanted their hearts.

Just as David refused to offer a sacrifice that cost him nothing, God knew that a sacrifice necessitates a cost. It’s not a sacrifice if it costs you nothing.

Valuations for what they paid wasn’t about what they were worth to God, but the gain/loss felt by the giver. Men brought in more income with their labors. That’s all. It doesn’t make them more valuable. Money and value aren’t equals.

In Christ there is neither male nor female. We were all bought with the same redemption price, the blood of Jesus. He gave His life the same for all. Women are co-heirs of the promises of God and co-heirs with Christ. God never devalues women in any way.

God even has books of the Bible with women as heroines. That’s something unheard of in any other books of the period. Israel had a woman judge and wives ministered alongside husbands in the New Testament and were also prophets.

Women were allowed in the churches to learn, whereas Jewish custom of the time was that women can’t be taught and shouldn’t be allowed.

No, the Bible isn’t against women and God doesn’t teach oppression of women. God is for women as much as He’s for anyone. He’s their Creator and He does all things well.