Know the Lord


Hannah sings a song of praise. It’s what should be in our hearts all the time, a song of praise. Out of our mouths is the overflow of what’s in our hearts, so God’s praises should come out of our mouths.

Here are some of the things Hannah speaks about our Lord.

None is holy like the Lord.

There is no one like Him.

The Lord is a God of knowledge.

Our actions are weighed by Him.

He will thunder against His adversaries.

The Lord will judge the earth.

He gives strength to his king.

And then she speaks of another aspect of God’s character, how He’s against the proud, the high and mighty, the one the world looks up to, and how God helps the poor and lowly and the needy.

The feeble are given strength by the Lord but the weapons of the mighty are broken. The hungry are filled and the filled go hungry. The barren woman rejoices in receiving children and the woman with many children is sad. He makes the poor rich and lifts up the needy and lowly to give them honor.

And then what?

The rich and powerful and so called “blessed” have been brought low. Now they are the ones who are needy. Maybe now they will call on the Lord and instead of praising themselves, thinking they were self-made men and women.

The poor and needy have become rich and given honor. What’s the danger?

Now they are the ones who might need to be brought low because the danger is forgetting that everything you have is a good gift from God who deserves honor and praise and didn’t come from your own worth somehow.

God wants to raise us up. He wants to bless us. We need to have hearts full of praise and thanksgiving so that we honor and acknowledge Him in all our ways and don’t forget the goodness and mercy of the Lord.

If God honors us, we should use the position to glorify God and not ourselves.