Open Wide Your Hand


Deuteronomy 15 is mostly about having a giving heart towards the poor. It talks about the year of release. Every seven years they are to release any debts.

If you lent something to your neighbor, you can’t ask for it back once the seventh year comes around. You have to release the debt.

If someone has sold themselves to you as a slave, as a matter of survival, then you are to release them after seven years, but not empty handed.

You are to be grateful for how they have served you and you are to send them out with part of your flock.

You are to make sure the needs of the poor are met, that they don’t just have enough to scrape by but a sufficient supply.

The Lord says that there will be no poor among them because He will bless them if they would strictly obey His commands.

Then later it also says there will always be poor among you.

Why? There will always be sin. The poor person isn’t the chief among sinners; he just happens to live among sinners.

The rich rulers of the day weren’t the godliest. Jesus had “nowhere to lay His head.” We need to never equate wealth with godliness and blessing.

Why do we need to give generously with an open heart and hand?

Because it’s one more way we acknowledge God.

The release year acknowledges that none of this is really mine anyway! It was a gift from God.

He gave it to me; I offer it back to Him to use how He pleases.

It acknowledges that you believe God will continue to take care of you.

You don’t need to hold onto it to take care of yourself. You trust God to take care of you. You aren’t trying to be your own Savior.

Your giving is one more way your actions show what you really believe. Do you trust God for the future? Do you love your neighbor as yourself? Do you love God or money?