Whose Heart Moves Him

    1. Moses instructs those whose heart has moved them to give contributions towards the building of the tabernacle.
    2. There are specific things He wants. Then He goes into specific ways they are to be made.
    3. Very specific.
    4. These are what go into the tabernacle, where God is going to dwell. Some things, like the table and bread, are going to be put into the outer area, and will be done away with by Christ. Christ is our bread of the Presence. Christ dwells in us and we have His presence.
    5. That means Christ tabernacles with us. He lives with us. We are His dwelling place.
    6. If God was that minutely particular about the table and the lampstand, do you think He cares about the details of His current dwelling place?
    7. The attitude of “God loves us just the way we are, accepts us just as we are,” etc., is missing the fear of the Lord and the knowledge of the Holy God who demands, down to the details of how He requires His living place to be.
    8. God so loved the whole world, but He won’t just move in anywhere because of that love.
    9. It has to be cleaned out and made acceptable.
    10. Our being made acceptable is a quick process of dying to self and raising in Christ, which is what we see in baptism.
    11. Our new, clean selves are ready to receive the Holy Spirit.
    12. The Holy Spirit gives us power to walk in holiness and turn from sin.
    13. And if we stumble, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us again. We just have to confess.
    14. We can’t walk in our wrong desires and expect Him to make a home with us. He’s very particular. But He offers a perfect, free cleaning service. The only price is a heart that is moved to give itself to Him. That’s the contribution He desires. You. All of you.