The Law of the Lord


In Deuteronomy 23, we’re going through more laws, from using the bathroom outside the camp and digging a hole and covering it up, to allowing Egyptians into the house of the Lord since the Israelites were sojourners in their land.

They are not to pay a vow with any money earned wrongly. God wants them to do right more than He wants the money.

They are not to charge interest when they lend something to another Israelite. This brings a blessing from God. Again, it shows your trust in Him and acknowledgement that God was the one who gave it to you in the first place.

It talks about neighbors sharing; how it’s okay to pluck grapes from a vine you are passing, but it’s wrong to be greedy and take some in a bag for later. That crosses the line from freely sharing to stealing.

In earlier lessons, we talked a long time about slaves and how they were to be treated. Here we are told how an escaped slave is not to be returned to his master.

I can’t help but think of the horrific law made in America where slaves were to be returned to their owners. It was directly against Biblical principal. I again see God’s heart in knowing an escaped slave left for a reason since he did so at great risk. The life is valued more than the “property.”

They are also told to be careful what words they speak because if they make a vow to God, they will be expected to fulfill it.

Be careful not to make promises to God, deals with what you’ll do if He does whatever it is you are asking. He will remember what you said, but you may not once you’ve gotten what you wanted and move on with your life, not feeling the burden anymore.

We’re supposed to love God’s law.