Fighting with God


If you read Numbers 21, which this lesson is from, maybe you noticed that it says in verse two that when Israel speaks to God, the verse uses the word, “I.” And when they send a message to the King of Sihon, it uses the word “me.”

Israel is speaking as one person. I don’t remember seeing that before. Maybe it was there and I didn’t see it. Maybe they did turn a corner in repentance and are acting as one instead of complaining and turning on each other.

The Israelites make a humble request to pass through the land of King Sihon. They promise to not take anything. They promise to pay for anything they use along the way, like water.

It would have cost the King of Sihon nothing. He only had to gain and nothing to lose. Yet, he says no. He doesn’t trust them. Instead, the king decides to fight them.

Have you ever fought with God instead of giving into His reasonable demands? Demands that are in your favor, for your benefit?

Why do we do that? We simply don’t trust God. Our actions show our beliefs better than our words do.

If we trusted He was only good and only loving and only faithful, that we were loved with a perfect love, why wouldn’t we wholly trust Him with everything, surrendering our lives completely to His good and perfect will?

We only hold back if we don’t really believe it. We only hold back if we aren’t really trusting God, and the only reason to not trust is if we don’t believe He is who He says He is.

God’s got a good plan. His ways may not be ours, but they are better than ours. To not believe that is to want to be your own god, to act in the antichrist spirit of wanting to replace God, to play at god.

Acknowledge Him! Know Him! Save yourself by giving up your life, giving up control, surrendering your life to His.

Allow Him to be your God and the good and loving Father He desires to be for you.