Driven to Worship Idols


The phrase that really stuck out to me in this section of Deuteronomy 4 was the warning to take heed lest you feel driven to worship.

In other translations, that could say “beware you don’t let yourself be drawn away to serve something else.”

“Driven to worship.” That sounds like addiction to me. We have all experienced this. It’s part of the human condition. Have you ever been driven to do something? You felt like you had to? It could be turning on the TV because you say you like to have noise. It could be sugar, just one more cookie. Of course, there are worse things to be addicted to, but ANY addiction is harmful.

As I’ve said, Scripture tells us we are slaves of righteousness. So, if we are feeling driven to do something, that part of our life isn’t submitted to the Holy Spirit. How do I know? Because a fruit of the Spirit is self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

If you are lacking in self-control, you are missing the Holy Spirit. You need to surrender to God. You are acting as your own god in that aspect of your life. That’s the antichrist spirit, wanting to be god. We want that away from us!

David Wilkerson would say, “Every heart has a christ on the throne, Christ or antichrist.”

There are different guideposts I follow to have discernment over whether something is from God or not. Christ or antichrist is what it really all comes down to.

Is it available to the poor? God doesn’t require something that’s not available to everyone.

Is it rushed or hurried? Jesus is never in a hurry. (Satan will make you frantic. Make you think now, now, now.)

Do you feel like you have to do it or do you have a choice? Are you being driven to something? That’s not God. He leads as a gentle Shepherd. Now, the Bible tells us that the Love of Christ compels us. That’s a “driven” kind of verb, compel. But it’s the love of Christ that’s compelling us. If you can’t honestly say that God’s love is urging you to whatever you are about to do, then walk away.

If not, you are worshiping Satan by obeying his leading.

Does that knowledge help you say no? There’s freedom in Christ. We just have to repent. Change our minds. Make the choice to choose Him, and He will be there to help.