Getting Your Attention

God gets Moses’ attention before He speaks to him. He appears in a flame in a bush. The bush isn’t burning and Moses finds the sight curious and moves towards it. The Scripture says that when the Lord saw that Moses came over to see, God called out Moses’ name. Does God need to get your attention, or do you give it to Him?

He wanted to speak with Moses. He had to get his attention to do it. God wants to speak to you. Does He have your attention? When do you give Him your attention? Can He interrupt your day at any time and speak to you? Would you notice and pay attention?

When you have a quiet time of prayer and Bible reading, do you quiet your mind to focus on Him so that He can speak, or is your mind running a mile a minute? Are you doing all the talking? Do you give Him attention only to go over your list of things that are important to you?

Do you abide with Christ? Have you made your home together? Do you walk and talk together throughout the day? Does He have your attention, or is your attention pulled every which way?

Technology is designed to attract and hold our attention, even designed to be addictive. Work, children – they aren’t only distracting, they are demanding. They want attention now and want attention continually. What are we to do?

We need to invite Jesus into each moment, each relationship, and each task. We’re to do all things for His glory, then He gets the attention. We speak to each person with His love, so He’s getting the attention, or intention of your moments, your tasks, your words, and your life.

People sometimes say that God had to give them a sickness or some other disaster to get their attention. No, God doesn’t plan evil for your life! God’s plans for you are good. But He uses all things. He will use an opportunity and turn it around for your good. That’s what He’s doing in those cases. His plan is to be with you, to talk with you, to share His love with you.

Choose to give Him your attention; don’t wait until there is a big red warning sign flashing!