I Am

Moses will come to have an intimate relationship with the Lord; they will talk face to face. But at this point, He’s the God of his ancestors. Moses basically asks, “Who are you?”

The answer is “I am.”

One of the cool scenes of Jesus’ divinity in the New Testament is when He is being arrested and Jesus asks the soldiers whom they are looking for. They say, “Jesus of Nazareth.” Jesus answers, “I am,” and they all fall to the ground. It’s like Moses having to remove his shoes because he was on holy ground. They had to worship the I AM, and fall down before Him.

Jesus was and is and is to come. He is the present, no matter the time. He will never be a has-been. He’s never what we’re waiting for. He is.

We don’t tend to see Jesus in the present. We see historical Jesus, the amazing man who healed everyone who came to Him, who welcomed the sinners to leave their lives behind and take on the new identity of disciple of Christ. We see Him as the one who took our sins on Himself and died on the cross and rose again. We celebrate His life, death, and resurrection, events of the past.

Then we think about the future. We see Jesus as the one we are waiting for. He’s going to come again. He’s going to establish His kingdom on earth. He will reign as King forever and ever. We eagerly await His coming and His gathering of His saints to Himself. We wait for it to happen in the future.

But what about today? Jesus points out that God is the God of the living, not the dead (Mark 12:27). He’s your God today. Jesus is alive today. He wants to walk and talk with you, today. If you aren’t living that way, then maybe you’ve left Him standing at the door knocking, calling out that He’d like to come in and eat with you (Revelation 3:20).

He wants to be your God today. He wants to be your salvation, today. He wants to be your friend, today. He wants to be your one and only, your I Am.