Aaron’s Staff


One of the items in the Ark of the Covenant is Aaron’s staff that budded with almonds when God wanted to prove to the congregation of Israel that He had chosen Aaron as His priest.

I love the idea of the staff budding and producing fruit. Buds come out after the long, dark winter. Fruit is the fulfillment of the promise of life. Every believer wants that, the new life blossoming in us and producing the fruit of life. We also see here God sticking up for His child. God is showing that Aaron is His, that Aaron is doing what God asked him to do, that he’s in God’s will.

In general, I think the believer lives naturally in God’s will. If you’ve surrendered your life to Christ and walk with Him, seeking Him in His Word and in prayer, trusting Him to guide and redirect as necessary, how can you be out of His will? If you are struggling to know His will, stop. Something’s wrong. Know Him. Walk with Him. Just be His. He can take you a lot further if you are seeking to know Him instead of seeking to know His will.

Think about it. Why would you need to know His will, so that you could then go carry it out on your own? No! He lives and works through us. We’re not to go accomplish His will. We’re to let Him accomplish His will through us.

We just need to go walk with Him, and His will will be done.

It’s okay to ask Him for signposts along the way. He’s a good Father and provides encouragement. But let’s seek His love, not His direction. Let’s be content where He has us. Let’s not seek more; let’s seek Him.