It’s a Test


Can you get in the mindset that when you are tempted to disobey what you know is right that you are being tested? How would that change how you thought of and faced those moments? Does your heart belong to God?

What about being tempted to complain against your circumstances or to question God, “Why?” as if He didn’t care? Do you really love God or is your greatest love yourself? What if the test was about trusting Him?

What about when you are tempted to take matters into your own hands instead of trusting God and waiting on him or to make a decision based on fear?

How would knowing that was a test change your thoughts, decisions, behaviors? Do you trust Him?

Our actions show what we believe. If you hid yourself behind a mask and six-feet away, then you believed that others could potentially kill you and that you had to protect yourself. (Or, if you were feeling noble, maybe you would say you did it because you believed you could potentially kill someone.)

What if you believed that your days were determined before the foundation of the world, that God knew the plans He had for you and they were for good and not harm, what if you believed that a believer has eternal life and will never die, that a believer can’t have his life taken from him apart from the will of God, that God is in control and no one (and nothing) can thwart His will?

What if you believed that God was your shield, tower of defense, refuge, shelter, fortress, that ten thousand may fall at your right hand but the plague won’t come near you?

What if you believed the Scriptures and what they said about who God is? That’s your God if you worship the God of the Bible.

This is just one little example. What is your life saying about what you believe? What are your actions with relationships, money, safety, lifestyle, habits, etc., saying about what you believe?

Are you showing that you believe in God? Are you showing that you love God will all your heart? Are your choices drawing people to love God, or do they draw people away from the one true God?

By the way, if you didn’t mask and distance because you felt you knew better than others and were bitter against others, you weren’t doing any better drawing people towards God’s love.