The Word on Your Heart


Caleb says that after he went with the others to spy out the land, he brought back the word on his heart. The word on his heart showed that he was following the Lord wholly.

What’s the word on your heart? Is it fear? Is it thoughts of how to protect yourself? Is it thoughts of how to protect those you care about?

Do you “laugh without fear of the future,” or are you planning and preparing because you are trying to get some control over it? All those fears and worries, all those ways we try to prepare for what might happen or guard against what might happen, they are all ways we show our hearts are not trusting God.

If God’s will cannot be thwarted, if it’s going to be accomplished, wouldn’t you rather submit to it and be thankful rather than fight against what God might be trying to do? When we worry, we’re showing we’re afraid God’s good will might happen.

If we believe in the God of the Bible, then we believe God is powerful, knowing, loving, sovereign, good.

If you are His, then you can know that He cares about what will happen to you, knows what will happen, is powerful and authoritative enough to allow or prevent it from happening.

To worry about the future, about what might happen, is worrying that God isn’t good, worrying that He’s not who He says He is, worrying that the Bible isn’t true, worrying that you aren’t saved.

Our salvation is God’s work. Our work is just to believe. It’s simple, so very simple. Believe that God is your salvation. He’s the one who called you to Himself, convicted you of sin, forgave you, gave you His Spirit, clothed you in righteousness, sanctified you, and keeps you in Him, promising that you are blameless before Him. It’s all His work. We believe and receive.

What’s in your heart? I hope it’s the Spirit of promise, the guarantee of your salvation.