The Land Will Vomit You Out


This is not a chapter of the Bible for children. It’s all about keeping your body pure. Your body is for God, and if He gives you a spouse, then your body becomes one with your spouse.

That’s it.

No other union is acceptable in God’s eyes. A spouse is never to be a relative. A spouse is of the opposite sex, as God created man and woman to fit together to create life. Apart from Creation, that’s just scientific fact.

Satan tries to imitate that perfect union, but he cannot come close to duplicating it.

There is also a warning even for married couples about staying away from blood; there’s that important blood again.

There is one other warning in here that at first doesn’t seem to fit the theme. They are told not to offer the babies to Molech, meaning don’t sacrifice your children to the gods; don’t kill your babies.

Babies are the continuation of life. Two lives come together and produce life. A child is of its parents, flesh of their flesh, bone of their bone. It’s a sin against the body. Killing your baby is killing your own flesh.

The warning is that the land will vomit them out if they do these things.

America has become a nation that worships Molech; we’re a nation of Baal worshipers. Congress is usually opened in prayer to the God of the Bible. In 2021 it was opened with a prayer to Baal. The pastor prayed to “Brahma” a Hindu god, one of many, many Hindu gods, and yet spoke of that demon god as if he were the one, true God of the Bible!

Not only was it a literal sign of Baal worship, but we sacrifice our babies and live immoral lives, not holding our bodies sacred before God. Hundreds of millions of babies have been sacrificed through abortion. Sins against marriage abound and are found even in places that claim to be churches of Christ.

The day the White House was lit in rainbow colors I posted its picture and wrote, “If pride comes before the fall, what of a nation whose pride is in its sin?” This chapter tells us. We get vomited out of the land. If America continues on this course, it must fall.